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Last night as my parents and I were tuned in to AIT(a nigerian television station) I learned a disturbing truth that I am very much ashamed to bring to the forum but is necessary to put an end to. A 13 year old girl considered under age initially you will not believe that the Nigerian Senate has voted to reduce the legal age of marriage for girls to 13!! What a shame my heart bleeds for my fatherland, this is by far the most outrageous thing to come out of Nigerian legislators, they should bear in mind that we are already overpopulated encouraging early marriage further deteriorates an already bad situation. The Federal Government has failed to cater for its roughly 600 million people yet they want 13 year olds to get married??? Marriage is a sacred institution albeit its flaws it is designed for mature responsible ADULTS not children who have barely began to experience puberty. By the way, if I got married at 13 I would have become most likely a grade 9 dropout it only makes it even harder for the Nigerian parents to send their daughters to school. UNICEF and UNESCO please liaise with Nigerian officials do not sit and watch this evil! What a shame!

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