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Youth around the world must have so many likes and dislikes. Moreover, youth go through a phase when young people have so many ideas and have great power. However, this is also a phase when so many young people confuse themselves in what field they fit the most in. Finally, the bad impacts that come from this condition appear. Young people often do and learn something. They rarely put their best and make it until the finish line. They often feel stressed if a problem arises and they just cannot hold on to it. I want to share some tips to make it easier to find your own “field.”


1. Recognize yourself as best as you can. You are the one who knows what characteristics you have, what your strength and weaknesses are.

2. Know your talent. You must have a talent that lies inside you. How do I know what my talent is? You can recognize it from the activities you are really good at. For example, speaking, writing, composing, playing sports, making design and others. If you are a multitalent person, then this next step will help you the most.

3. Analyze which subject and courses you really love. Something that even if you find it hard to understand, no matter how hard you need to learn, you will never be bored, and you will never lose your excitement.

4. Compare your personality with the field that you want to enter. It will help you to know which field you need to seek.

5. Committment. This is the main point for all the things that you do in your life. Having a commitment will help you take on any role in any field, because commitment and motivation are two factors that will help you to keep going on what you do, to remind you why you love the things that you take.

Youth is a phase when we try a lot of things and figure out which thing is the best for us. What we need to remember is although it is the phase to try a lot of things, to challenge ourselves, we actually don’t need to try all of the things that are in front of us. By focusing on your field, you will have more time to learn about it and become a master in your field. You will also have more chances to develop yourself in your field. May your journey be fun and exciting!

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