Forced marriages deny girls their rights too

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Forced marriages occur in countries like Bangladesh, Chad, Niger, Mali etc, but I think there is hope under some conditions. Some could be if a girl is educated or at least went to high school/college at some point, if she knows what's right/what's wrong, if she has a clear apprehension of what real life should be, if she has experienced enough drama to avoid things to be herself, and most importantly if her family stands by her, a strong group of friends worldwide if she's lucky enough, then no form of insisting can further distract towards her goal in life. Consequences of early or forced marriages are commonly known. Early marriage leads to teenage pregnancy. When a child is born without the being properly nourished and with physical deformities, it makes a young girl not only a burden to her family but also a burden to the society and the country.

Forced marriage can be considered as a pathway towards helplessness and the powerlessness of a girl. It can destroy the future of a gifted young girl; it will make her dependent upon someone or feel controlled by someone. It can eventually lead to physical and mental torture. A gifted young girl has all the reasons to go to school, receive education and the equal opportunity like her male counterpart. He has every other reason to uplift her situation and come out of poverty cycle by improving her life.

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