Gender Equality Stars With Respecting Your Self!

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How many times have women been stepped over? How many times have YOU been stepped over because you are a girl? How many times have you been seen as a sexual object? How many times have you LET others step over you because you are a girl?

As the years come and go, and the world " evolves " there has been an alarming issue remaining, and it has not ceded -to be honest- it has grown. That issue is the lack of respect, and following of women's and girls rights. We see that women are killed everyday, everywhere in the world. We see women struggling for respect in their work, school, daily life, home, family etc...

Something that I don't understand is why we let this happen. Why have we lost humanity towards our gender? Women should be respecting, promoting and imparting their rights everywhere they go. Women should fight for women and not be indifferent to the issues that we face! ALL women should finally take a global stand and say that it's enough!

But then again, with what bases do we ask for respect ? I've first hand seen girls disrespect themselves, and laugh about it or even enjoy it. How do we ask for respect when we enjoy being seen as sexual objects? I don't behave that way personally but I have seen that in todays youth, that it's okay to sell your DIGNITY to be seen as "cool or fun". In my opinion wearing degrading clothes, and uploading half naked pictures, does not send the message that you respect your self as a woman or a girl. I'm a 14 year old girl and there is always pressure to see who can wear the shortest skirt, or who can "twerk" the best, or who can have the most guys and even in some cases sleep with the most.

This generation is destroying and degrading themselves more everyday. This generation condemns having self respect! This generation of girls LOVES (and trust me) throughly enjoys being seen as objects of pleasure or "eye candy" . Everyday more teens become pregnant, more teens expose themselves to degrading activities that will make them seem "cool". More girls are competing on who can "shake that thing" the best. Even the song lyrics that this generation seems to love, degrades women and WE LET IT HAPPEN. Girls enjoy singing songs that explicitly only carry messages that compels them to sell themselves in a way. Thanks to us these explicitly degrading songs become chart toppers!

We young girls ARE the future women of the world. I know it can seem that sometimes we are going to be young forever. I know that sometimes we feel invincible because we are young are have no limitations. But, we are not going to be young forever and sooner or later we are going to have responsibilities, and we are going to have to go to work, and do we want to face the same problems that women have now days in their work environment? Do we want to face the same violence and violations that women have to suffer now days? We can and have the power as young people and future leaders of the world to change things. We can make women have the value that we truly deserve. It all stars with one action that you have to be totally committed to and that is respecting yourself!

There is one sentence that I will end my post with and I would like you to reflect on, and really give thought to. A sentence that I asked my self when I started seeing all of the preposterous things of my "generation of future leaders".

How can we hope for gender equality when we don't give our selves the value we deserve and demand?

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