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...and share your views on Sanitation & Drinking Water, Productivity, Governance, Vulnerability and Quality. You have up to the 14 of July to make a difference!!

About the Stockholm Statement:
In September 2013, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 68) will meet to discuss the progress on the Millennium Development Goals and a roadmap towards a new development agenda. The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) believes that this event presents a critical opportunity to champion the unique role played by water in global development.

As such, SIWI plans to submit a Stockholm Statement to the UNGA 68, encouraging for a deeper integration of water into the global sustainable development agenda. Our ultimate aim with this process is to secure a Sustainable Development Goal for Water.

In the spirit of wide collaboration and during the UN Year of Water Cooperation, we are launching the Stockholm Statement Digital Forum, an online platform for gathering insights and opinions from all sectors and disciplines. Comments posted on this open forum will lead and inspire SIWI's preparations of the 2013 Stockholm Statement.


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