Have our schools become battlefields

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A picture of a township school in South Africa

A picture of a township school in South Africa

In South Africa there has recently been increasing reports of violence at schools, either perpetrated by learners on other learners, learners on educators or educators on learners. I think this is a cause of great concern because with the level of violence and crime increasing in schools, access to quality education is impeded.

According to the South African Journal of Education 2013:33(3) schools in urban areas, particularly townships are regularly prey to gangsterism, poverty, unemployment, rural-urban drift, the availability of guns as well as the availability of drug and alcohol dealerships, and as such gangsters robs schools, learners become involved in gangs, learners become the target of drug and alcohol dealers, some educators take advantage of learners and engage into sexual relationships with them and the lack of discipline and order escalates.

This paints a bleak picture on our education because schools are no longer viewed as safe and secure environments where children can learn, enjoy themselves freely and feel protected. Also during these violent events teaching and learning gets disrupted and delayed. As a result of all these, learners in our schools do not receive adequate education.

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