Horn of Africa, Faces A New Battle of Life and Death

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Horn of Africa crisis: Combating cholera in Somalia

After many months of severe drought, many in the Horn of Africa have had to walk for days and weeks without food or water. Many have not survived, and those who have, receive immediate attention at camps set up for assistance.

More than 900 children have showed severe cases of diarrhea and vomiting. “The children arrive severely dehydrated,” says Dr. Abdulla Abukar. Usually this comes from malnutrition and sever dehydration. “First we hydrate intravenously or with oral re-hydration salts, then we administer antibiotics and parasitic drugs.” Said Abdulla Abkar.

UNICEF is taking action in teaching people how to sanitize water. Mr Abdi stated: “We are teaching people how to chlorinate water, use latrines and clean up the area around their temporary shelters,” People have to rely on shallow wells. As the wells are built in the ground, very often they become ridden with disease. The future looks positive, action is being taken, as chlorine supplies are being distributed. with groups such as SOPHDA, Millions of people have been helped.

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