How far should I go to fit in?

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WaiT !!

WaiT !!

I have heard people say, "I will do anything to get what I want. I would like to ask you! What do you want to do to fit in? Most boys and girls do irrational things and I begin to wonder, if we come from the same planet - maybe they are immigrants! But that not withstanding, I believe that. Every child, youth and adult will do anything to fit into a new concept. A friend of mine always wanted to fit in - I'm a sexy girl she would say. She's from a poor home, the second of five children. Her eldest sister got pregnant at 18, twice. And she aborted twice. With this occurring around her, she wanted to do anything to fit in. As a teen she had several boyfriends in and outside my town. She got pregnant at 16 - the boy who got her pregnant ran off and she had no option but to give birth to the child. Today, she's not in school, her parents almost disowned her and she became stigmatised by her friends. Now, she is a mother at the expense of trying to fit in.....!

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