How the Frail Ants Challenge the Youth Everyday.

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Dream Large, start small, Do something.

Dream Large, start small, Do something.

There are certain small creatures, they are wisest of the wise. They know how to CLIMB (Change Little Into MegaBucks). Let us take a quick tour on one of them, the ANTS. Ants are small eusocial (highest level of organisation of animal sociality) insects. They are easily identified by their elbowed body and distinctive node-like structure that forms their slender waists. Ants, frail as they are, change little into megabucks by getting in plenty of food for the winter. They have also mastered the art of using their heads to plug the entrances to their nests and keep intuders from gaining access. Ants started farming long before humans. For example, the fungus farming ants began their agricultural ventures about 50 million years before humans thought to raise their own crop. Is this not amazing?

Dear Youth, let us learn from these ants. Let me quickly refer you to your divine inheritance, of those nitro-glycerine-like qualities of inspiration within you. You are not in any way configured to struggle on this soil, but to soar above the sky. Get repositioned for the future you desire. What strategies do you learn during winter that creates beautiful harvest in summer? What goals are you working on right now that gives you hope for a brighter tomorrow? Victor Frankl said, 'Even the most intelligent animals that are programmed by instinct and/or training have none of the endowments you possess. In addition to your self-awareness, you have imagination--the ability to create in your mind beyond your present reality. You have conscience--a deep inner awareness of right and wrong. You have an independent will, the ability to act based on your self-awareness, free of all other influences'. When you feel like being the president of the country, start by taking a lead in your family, volunteer to speak and inspire people in your neighborhood. Take up responsibilities and infuse excellence into every activity. When you feel like having all the money in the world, stealing will certainly get you into more trouble. Start building your financial freedom by learning to save, to invest, to do merchandise. When you feel like being a great author, draw out your notepad right now with the pen in your hand. Write the first line, take in some fresh air, write the next line. Soon, you'll have your own best-seller, 1000-page book. As long as you can start, you are alright, the juice will come if you can follow through.

Everyone was born a baby, with feeding, nurturing and activity, we have become youths today. There is a 'smallness' on your 'inside' that has all the potential to become 'greatness' on the 'outside'. The world is waiting for your exploits. Cheers and have a great week friends. :)

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