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What do I need to make a Vine?

1. Smartphone (Ideally with internet access) – you can upload it right away!

2. Vine Mobile Application: You can download this for free at not cost from iTunes for Apple Smartphones and GooglePlay for all Smartphones using the Android Operating System.

Download Vine here:

Download for Android and Download for Apple

Any Tips for VOY Vines?

Vines are 6 seconds

Express how you feel about about any one of our 7 topics, or go beyond: youth media, unemployment, governance in your country, your volunteering experiences, it's up to you!

Go Viral: Check out what hashtag is trending on Vine at the moment and see if you can loop that into what you are trying to express on VOY

Plan ahead, you only have 6 seconds!

Combine shots to tell a story

Did you clean up the water in your river? Have a friend film you for two seconds going into the water. The next two seconds get creative and maybe make some noises in disgust near the water. Final two? You show us!

Move & Record:

Record a few reusable clips such as shots of your friend on a bike or your friend on a bike cycling away from you.

Stop moving. Set the phone down on a steady surface or, if you have a tripod, use that.

If you're holding the phone, lock your arms by extending them straight in front of you to minimize the movement. If you must move while shooting, walk heel to toe for a smoother shot.

Stay in an area with stable light. Quick movements between dim and bright lights will not appear correctly- the phone doesn't have time to autocorrect. Going for a silhouette look? Try a back-light.

For more tips & Vine FAQ, visit

How Do I post my Vine on VOY?

Click on the blue icon “create a post

Choose your type of post as a VIDEO

Create your title, Choose your language, Tag your Post

Once you have uploaded your Vine to your account, COPY and PASTE the URL into the MEDIA URL

Feel free to enter any text

Select the appropriate related topics

Save, Preview, Submit & wait for a small delay in approval from the VOY team. Thanks in advance for your patience!

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