How to Make a Difference in the World


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Many children in poverty do not feel at home in their own home as they are married off to people twice their age. Millions of people are dying in the blink of an eye due to illness. Thousands of mothers are weeping over their children's dead bodies and wishing that they had the money to get them into a hospital. Young girls are hiding in their own homes from their husbands wishing that they had equal rights.

It must sound like your worst nightmare multiplied by a thousand. Well guess what? This is what people in poverty have to deal with. However, this has been going on for years and we shrug this problem off and worry about other things like an assignment due, a bad test result or a fight with a friend over something trivial.

Why is no one caring about the real problems ? I know I am not the only one caring about the poor but if I am not alone and there are others like me who are horrified by the way people in poverty are treated, why has nothing changed? Then a horrid thought comes to my mind that just won't escape. Is nothing changing because too many people don't care?

So I wrote this article to remind you of why we need to make a difference, donate money to charity , organize some fundraisers, etc. I know it seems like a lot of pressure. But if each and every person makes one difference then we can save thousands of lives.

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