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Image Credit: WooHome

Image Credit: WooHome

Imagine being boxed, isolated, from the whole world, just you and four walls enclosing you. No social media or even the old-fashioned letter writing to communicate. Just you in some space, with only your thoughts. No news of the world around you, if there is a world around you, because you might as well be the last human standing, or just the only human in the middle of a no-where desert.

Sometimes, we humans box ourselves. Isolate ourselves, bottle up ourselves.

We want to be alone.

Contrary, man is a social animal. We simply cannot live without communications with each other, possibly just like any other species also communicate in their own ways. These communications, this social linkage kind of roams like provoking signals in the air: What a nice coincidence it is when you are thinking about your relative or connected one, even miles away, that you both somehow end up talking on the phone! “I was just thinking about you!” - science has proved the social connections amongst all of us.

Yet, to some extent, we still have those times: when we want to even box ourselves to keep distant from this face-paced life even for a little while.

To some extent, our parents or elders box us, protect us from the evolving world, but one day, when we grow up and cut the box we at some time have reality hit upon our shoulders: Life is a fast-paced roller coaster with too many ups and downs.

On the other hand, there are unfortunately humans who have been boxed without really wanting to be. There are trapped with their own feelings and thoughts with no one to show them understanding. They cannot justify their own experiences due to lack of support or awareness, and so they continue, being boxed.

Until the day we acknowledge the simple thing that humans, can be boxed.

We all can go through depression, through unbearable grief, through traumatizing life changing events. We might suddenly feel alone, in crowds, in this billion figure human population.

But this feeling, this box, cannot be helped from suffocation, if the whole billion human population doesn’t acknowledge it.

This is not mental health, necessarily, because even today at this developed front of modernism, the word “mental”, even the word as simple as “depressed” sends stigma shooting like fireworks but with less acceptance or joy.

It in indeed unpleasant to face anything but joy in life’s walk, but that’s not how life works: grief, depression, down-days, even some shocking unexpected chaotic events also have their positions during life’s steps.

These cannot just be jumped and ignored, humanity will get nowhere but entrapped all together, boxed to nothing but darkness if it paints the less-positive of life to be some sort of evil thing.

It can happen to anyone, and everyone who lives gets to walk through it.

Every human could get boxed in, for some time, but it is the whole approach and outlook which matters.

There is always a human in the box, until we reach out, support, and let ourselves help each other throughout such times of life.

We aren’t alone, we always have a social natural connection filled with feelings interlinked for each other as just humans.

So help a human today, possibly escape from any of life’s boxes.

Sometimes, even a small hole in a box, allows the passage of much needed light in the darkness.

It is the small steps which grow into larger action, the smallest droplets which start the flow, and so the first actions which matter the most.

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