Humanity misses you Madiba!

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Today is the Madiba day; we're celebrating this important day without the person who has inspired us! Today, we remember a great man who fought for all of us, who suffered in prison, who was bitten so that we can live here in this big world without racism. Mandela was an activist who believed that it's our responsibility to fight and to defend our rights, and that it's up to us to make the world a better place for those who were oppressed and victims of the awful racism.

Madiba is one of those amazing people who I wished I could meet them and benefit of their experiences; and to be honest it was a shock for me when I first heard about his death. When I read the breaking news of Madiba's death on the BBC that day, I knew we lost a great person, an amazing figure, an inspirational personality and a great activist who gave what ever he could for his case. I guess that not only his country and Africa were crying for losing him, but every single person who loves freedom and appreciates it was really touched and very sad to hear such news. I strongly believe his funeral proved that he's a man who earned the respect and the love of the world, as I often say: "A great person is the one who adds something to the life of others and leave this world with of a smile of pride and joy on his face while millions of people are crying for losing him".

Even if Nelson is dead, we shouldn't stop our struggle. The main lesson that Madiba taught me is to never give up; we should, no we must carry on and never say we're tired. This great man believed in something and fought for it, so why don't we do the same? The life of Nelson Mandela is more than just a typical life of an ordinary activist, his history is more than just a simple history that we learn at school and then forget about it; his life is an inspiration to us and his history is a precious book of lessons.

I'm truly sorry for losing a man like Mandela, but we should make him proud where ever he is now. The only gift we can give to him right now is to fight for what he fought, to teach the new generation like he taught us, to inspire our children like he inspired us, to never lose the valuable freedom and to never let racism control our lives. I think words can't really express our gratitude to Madiba, so I'm going to use the simple way " Thank you, Thank you so much Madiba! "

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