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Humans, a loving, caring and happy society. We help build and create relationships with each other, conflict-free, and respect each other around us in our society.. This is the picture we humans want to portray. How ironic?

Everyday we, humans, face problems. There is no single 'problem-free' day in our lives. Conflicts, wars, violence among religions. What is this that we're facing? And why? Back in the 1200's, humans fought a war over a bucket. Nowadays it's just wars carried on from our forefathers to us younger generations, and sometimes, people tend to cause trouble intentionally.

We, as the younger generation, listen to our parents, teachers, friends, communities. We don't ask that many questions, because they are people that we trust. How many of us have ever questioned our existence? Question to find out the reason why we're fighting with our enemies? A story *always have two sides in it. Have we ever just stop and listened to their part of the story before fighting back? Is there no way to come to a compromise but violence?

Now we talk about something that is more sensitive which I feel needs to be said out. The role of Religion contradicts itself. It is a way of life, or a set of guidelines but to some, it is the only way of life. In all religions, we practice peace, share and care. Religion did not bring about war. It is those that have misinterpreted their religions or those human desires that brought about war. In the 20th century, there was first and second World War, the Cold War, Vietnam War, and so many more that can be named; World War II cost more money, damaged more property, killed more people, and caused more far-reaching changes than any other war in history. All the deaths accumulated in the wars in the 20th Century accumulates to up to 160 million people.

Until now, the question cannot be answered. Why can violence, conflicts and wars never cease? Is it because there is a lack of mature-ness when it comes to these conflicts? Everyone knows that a person who is more matured would be the one who makes the first move and stops the fight, even if he/she will be embarrassed or whatever.

Life is something precious, we can do so much in life, experiencing so many wonderful things, achieve great challenges, but it is also very easy to take away too.

My only message is, appreciate what you still have and can afford. Everyone has limits, so know where you stand. Do not be selfish, greedy or too proud as these will cause tension among people around you. There will always be those who will purposely find troubles, ignore them, because they are not worth a single second of your life. Live life, not destroy it. Look forward, never backwards, because we humans only move forward. Take that risk, make that move. Just remember, that prevention is better than cure. Now that we've reached this level of conflict cycles, no matter how many cures we find, we can never solve and put an end to it, so prevent as much as we can, because there will never be a day brighter than where we are now, unless if fate allows, all conflicts to be rid of the face of this planet.

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