I Am a Girl, I Am Powerful, I Am Strong: International Day of the Girl

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Educate Girls!

Educate Girls!

I am a girl, I am powerful, I am strong I will stand here today with the rest of the girls around the world and let everyone know that we are powerful.

I was made not to be hidden, not to be taken advantage of, not to be used, but to be unique. I stand here today to make a difference and help all who I meet, I know all girls feel this way.

How would you feel if you knew your mother, daughter or sister was abused daily, sold for her body, sent away for example Chhaupadi pratha (Nepali women and girls sent for isolation during their menstruation), cut violently (FGM), and suffering unnecessarily with fistula?

In some places, why girls not given their right to basic rights of life? Why is my own kind not educated like me? I am FULLY aware how lucky I am to have an education.

33 million girls are not in any form of education

But its ok isn’t it? We should just let the list keep growing! It is up to a small group of people (whose list just keeps on growing) who serve girls, who have a moral and social obligation to share their rights with the girls of the world who suffer rape, abuse, little or no education and poverty to help the other half of the world’s population out of this cycle ^_^

So for this International Day of the Girl 2013 I hope that I and many others can help make the Day of the Girl something that is celebrated and not having to raise awareness of the negatives, but how amazing each and every individual girl celebrated with their rights given to them like I have.

Have a happy day celebrating International Day of the Girl 2013!

How will you be celebrating?

^_^ ~

You can check out and support the girl declaration here:


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