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This is Us!

This is Us!

I am African. Black I am, coined and carved out of Black Nature. Groomed from the bowel of: heat, poverty and dark water. I am Black. Not Brackish, Not vain! But eager to do more, eager to raise my Shoulder - to commune, argue and resolve the vague. As little as it may, I can't belittle my stance or set my thoughts in disarray. For I am connected to Africa and Africans - joined with the coastal of my forefathers. I am Proudly African, dark and woolly. Although, I may be prone to sickness, I never fall off my trail. For I am firm willed and governed by my actions. Who can comprehend? Who can trace and figure, make or build? There's none other than myself.

I represent the soil. Dark it is, rich and savoured with the traits of prosperity. I represent the heart, occupied with hate, love, inequality, selfishness and acceptability! I am part of nature - for we came forth as one, from the same root- giving me clarity and authority to dwell, reproduce and terminate. I Am Black, Beautiful and Proudly African!

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