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I launched “I AM PEACE” campaign from 4th to 7th November. This campaign was aimed to achieve some of the important goals that are necessary for a peaceful world.
GOALS: 1-) To make people share their personal opinions, views and ideas about peace with community and the world. 2-)To make people confident that they can make the world peaceful. 3-)To make people engage in establishing the peace on earth. This campaign demanded everyone to answer three simple but important questions: How do you define peace? How can the world be peaceful? What are you going to do for peace in the world?
More About Peace Goals and QuestionsThe first question was asked to explore people's view about peace. People were given the chance to tell the world about peace in their own way. The second question was about their proposals about peace and what steps can be followed so that we may achieve a peaceful world. What plans and roads are important and suitable for linking the world with peace. People were authorized to give their very own ideas so that their ideas may build a road of peace. Ideas will make the world a better place to live. The third question was asked about their role in establishing peace on earth and what they can do practically. How can they turn this Global Village into a Global Peace Village?
More than 100 engineering students, teachers and professors participated in this campaign. They gave their best views and ideas. Teachers inspired students, students inspired their friends, and their friends inspired the community. A large number of people wished to be part of this peace campaign and showed their interest in a peaceful world. This campaign made people show their thirst for peace as well as the way to quench this thirst. We must know that peace is only possible when everyone is involved. Everyone has a role that must be played by him efficiently. A role that is linked individually to everyone on earth. Today, peace is not only the need but dream the of everyone. Peace is preached, is a pillar, is an intersecting point, and is favored by every religion.
The time is now to make this world peaceful. We can make the history. History itself teaches that it is possible to make history. Then why we are not going to make it? We must now move forward. This is our world. This is us that live under the same sky. This is us that breath is same air. That is us who are human beings. This is us that make mankind. We are first human beings than everything else. We must show concerns now. We must be united now because this unity will lead us to a road of peace, love and prosperity.Join me in my peace journey and make this world peaceful .Let us get it done. Join me here https//www.facebook.com/zeroconflictofficial

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