I have always had a thing for South Africa!

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What can I say, South Africa has always been that country for me. I want to go there so badly.

After I read the very well written article by Aulia (http://bit.ly/LlBZjH) from Indonesia who was talking about her love for India, I thought to myself, "hey, why not pen down something about my most favorite destination as well." This thought brought back all those wonderful reasons I have for South Africa.

Have you ever heard someone speak zulu? They have this thing where they do a click sound when pronouncing some words. I find it mysterious and funny in an awesome way. It is one of those lingoes I want to learn just for the sake of it. Their accent when they are speaking English is also somehow similar to the way people from my tribe do it. This makes it easy for me to fake their accent quite easily; I can pass for a South African any day.

Their music is also really amazing! South Africa’s music has been playing in Kenya as far back as I can remember. Brenda Fassie, Hugh Masekela and Yvonne Chaka Chaka were producing some of the most popular tunes in the country since back in the day; Vulindela and Umgombothi are just to name a few. Nowadays we have HHP, Proverb, Liquid deep and Mafiki zolo, to name but a few. Their songs are rocking in Kenyan clubs like its local productions…khona…khona …hehe. The beauty of South African music is the African beat still attached to them. This makes it attractive to a lot of Africans. Don't get me started because it's just so amazing!

And then we have their President. The Alpha Zulu himself. President Jacob Zuma! How many wives does he have again? Politics aside, I think Zuma is a pretty cool guy. He is widely loved in my country. The last time he was here he received a very warm reception by my people. I don’t really know why we love him so much, but maybe it's because he represents a very great country.

On some serious matters, South Africa has recently signed a law that will provide wage subsidies to employers who hire youth in special economic zones. This will be a great incentive to ensure more and more employers to overlook the issue of experience and employ a lot of youth. This is probably one of the greatest steps any African country has taken in a bid to tackle the issue of youth employment. While other African countries are talking about how big an issue youth unemployment is, South Africa has made a legal commitment to tackle it.

At the moment I am not in a position to travel down south and explore this amazing country, but I believe I will be there very soon. Very, very soon I will see you South Africa. Very soon.

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