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So after browsing through the online world of YouTube I stumbled across a tag video titled ‘GIRL POWER TAG’ by BubzBeauty. I watched this video and the three questions that captured my attention the most were:

1-What is the best advice you can to girls who want to be powerful?

2-If you had any superpower what would it be and how would you use it?

3-What upcoming person is powerful and why?

So I’ve decided to answer them myself :)

1-The best advice I can give to girls? It depends, which girls am I supposed to address? Generally I would say for all girls to dream and aspire and to never ever give up on their dream! To educate yourselves as far as much as possible, whether it be in education or practical skills to enhance job prospects. But to those who are unhappy with their lives, I would say keep on speaking up for what you believe is right. Like all of the girls everyday who fight for their right to education.

(It causes me great sadness to think that I am unable to offer general advice. I am aware that we are not all the same, but it would be nice if we could all receive an education!).

2-I would tell world leaders and all of those who play major roles in girl’s lives to allow their daughters, wives, sisters, and cousins etc. to receive an education. In the last few years I have seen girls and education become such an issue, one that is passionate and close to my heart. In my life it would be my ultimate goal and absolute privilege to assist in the journey that some are embarking on to help girls become educated women.

3-WE are all upcoming and powerful in our own rights! Each and every one of us has such a strong role in each of our communities.

Now I ask you these questions :) What is your response?

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