I hope it gets better: My thoughts on Typhoon Haiyan

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When I was young, around 10 years old, every time it would start raining I would get scared, sometimes terrified. I could not wait for the rain to end. The fear of the floods that used to grip me was helplessly terrifying. I wish no child would have to go through anything similar or worse.

A few days ago, we have all been waking up to news about how the number of people have been affected by typhoon Haiyan, and it keeps rising. Some reports suggest that around 5 million children have been negatively impacted by this and are in need of immediate intervention. I can only imagine the terror a child would through in such a circumstance.

When you are young your emotions are so ripe, you operate from feelings rather than logic or rationality. We judge and act by how we feel, not how we "think." Fear more than any other thing, is the one that grips the hardest; it eats out your soul in a very horrific way. We were all children once, and some of us still are. I am sure we can relate to this very much.

Before I decided to write this post, I was rocking my brains for what I could possibly do for the children in the Philippines. I read that CSOs and some YOUNGO members at the climate change negotiations (COP 19) are fasting in their honor. Some other young guys are volunteering in packaging supplies while others are fundraising at their local schools. Motivated by this, I have decided that Monday (18th) will be dedicated to nothing more than following the developments in Philippines. My twitter account, my Facebook page and any other platform will all be dedicated to publicize all initiatives directed to help the victims.

I cannot claim to fully understand what the children in the Philippines are going through, but what I know is that I sincerely feel for them and really hope it gets better soon.

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