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I would like to draw attention to an incredibly inspiring South-Sudanese born athlete who has triumphed over extreme adversity to compete in London 2012 Olympics: Guor Marial grew up amidst bitter and violent civil war in Sudan with very little childhood or hope. After 28 members of his family were killed by the Sudanese government and having been kidnapped by gunmen, Marial escaped from a labour camp and fled Sudan aged 8.

He eventually reached the United States where he took up athletics and discovered his talent. However he does not have a full American citizenship and newly independent South Sudan does not yet have a national Olympic body so he cannot compete for either country. Yet Guor Marial will get his chance to become an Olympic hero as this week the IOC granted him permission to compete as an independent athlete under the Olympic flag!

He has not seen his parents since he left Sudan in 1993 but hopes that they may be able to catch him compete by making the trip to the nearest big town with electricity 40 miles from their village, although I am sure he will have more people than only his parents supporting him!

A truly remarkable Olympians: I look forward to seeing how well Guor does but he is already a champion in my opinion!

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