If I was at the Girl Summit

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If I was at the Girl Summit these would be my suggestions:

I would suggest that countries who wish to end FGM and Child Marriage that they work in partnership with other countries in offering solutions. For example the battle of child marriage being in some cases, girls are married because they provide an economic gain for the family, also receive protection being married in some cultures.

Education is also a vital need, not as in holding a degree or PhD, but in educating about general facts. For example it is proven that if girls are allowed to finish schooling they put back into their family and most importantly their community!

The attitude of education and non-traditional values set aside from other cultures. It is important to slowly introduce the idea of education and what specifically a culture feels is deemed education should be targeted and created. For example, agricultural studies may be in a cultural curriculum. Whereas another culture may see fit that exercise is a must!

I am very excited to see the outcome of this summit! Especially to see FGM being stamped out of the UK! For many years the legislation has been in place, but now action is finally taking place : )

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