Improper Mindset about HIV

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HIV is a virus that causes AIDS. A person can contract AIDS by having unprotected sex with an infected person, they can also spread the virus by sharing needles and through blood transfusions. Although people are aware of the disease, they still pretend to be ignorant and have the mind-set of "I cannot die alone" hence they go around having sex with the view of infecting more people. In my opinion people who behave like this should be taught the dangers of the HIV/AIDS factor and should also consider the well being of others. Moreover, if you are not infected you may become affected. To my fellow youths and children, abstinence is the best mode of prevention.

Be smart life is precious………think about abstinence

-Norah Kafula (Grade 12 pupil at Luanshya girls secondary school, Unite 4 Change Luanshya Ambassador)

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