International Youth Day: Wishes from Indonesia

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Happy International Youth Day, we cannot just wait the world to be a better place while we are the one who should make it better.

Happy International Youth Day, we cannot just wait the world to be a better place while we are the one who should make it better.

Youth has written the history of the nation. In Indonesia, a lot of significant changes were initiated by youth. Name it Sumpah Pemuda in 1928 (Youth's oaths) that made hundreds of different cultural groups in Indonesia speaking in one language or 1998 reformation that marked the beginning of democracy in this archipelago country.

On this International Youth Day, some of Indonesian Youth have wishes and they are happy to share it in this writing. Take a look!

Mira Pravitasari (20 Years Old-Student)

I wish that all youth could get equal chance to do what we love, to maximize their potential, and to contribute to society.

Adri Nur Muhammad Martadipura (19 Years Old-Student)

On this year International Youth Day I hope youth can read and observe what happen around them more, I address this hope especially to Indonesian youth. By reading, observing, and discussing what they have seen I think youth will not be swept away easily by the overflowing information from mass media. I also wish they can bring changes to the society.

Bella Chyntiara (23 Years Old-Student)

The balance between academic, social life, and critical thinking skill is what I hope for on this Youth Day. In my opinion, the lack of capable persons who are willing to give back to their society is the issue of today. I also wish that youth can be more aware to the world’s issues and be bold in delivering their opinion. I believe, one spoken idea may change the world!.

Accepting differences is also a thing that must be done by youth in order to minimize the conflict among different groups.They also need to hold on moral standard so we can eradicate corruption.

Dwi Rezeki Kirana Bangun (20 Years-Student)

I expect youth to spend more time on positive activities and to be united. We all must be prepared since we are going to rule the country in the future. I guess Indonesian youth are easy to be driven and this is like a two sided coin. On one side, provocation can move youth to unwanted place. On the more positive side, a right guidance that I hope coming from government can mobilize youth to do something useful.

Happy International Youth Day, what are your wishes?

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