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Namasté everyone. :)

It’s 4:13 and instead of sleeping after taking my soothing gel for stomach burns, I’m delighted to finally write, complete and publish my first article as a selected and happy Blogging Intern at UNICEF Voices of Youth 2014. First of all, I apologize for my late start but I had some health issues and I wasn’t in good shape enough to get started and share my energies with you – the share of good and healthy vibes is important to me!
I am a Mauritian, deep passionate Soulgirl of 19 years young (old), named Quincy. I consider myself as a human Lioness, so, it can be used as a nickname - I’ll be glad! I just turned 19 on the 23rd of July and realized that I feel blessed and so grateful to the Universe to have my people by my side and to receive all of their love and energies, even if they are a few and also, to be alive.

I come from Mauritius Island, known as the “Star and Key of the Indian Ocean” and found in the Indian Ocean, about 2,000 kilometres off the South East coast of the African continent. I was born in the capital town of Port-Louis and raised in Pointe-aux-Sables, which is a developed coastal village found at the end of Port-Louis, going towards the West, near one of our beautiful lagoons and seas. I spent and somehow, left my emotionally-rich childhood there. It’s been 5 years that I have now moved to a nice, warm and touristic village called Trou-aux-Biches, situated in the North-West coast of my Island home. I’m used to think that the beach cannot let go of me! We, Islanders, (I) tend to unconsciously and non-intentionally take this for granted but I can’t tell you how amazing it is to live at 3 minutes away from a stunning and unique beach, Trou-aux-Biches beach, by foot. To feel being on holidays for a moment while taking out my German Shepherd named Baloo, for a walk or while walking to the beach and dipping my feet into the sand, at home, is a priceless feeling.
We, Mauritians, are multi-ethnic, multicultural and most of us are multilingual – we are mainly both an English-speaking and French-speaking nation. We have our mother tongue, the Mauritian Creole and Asian languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Mandarin (Chinese), are used here as well. I speak English, French, Mauritian Creole and I also speak a bit of Spanish, which I am currently studying at A-Level for my High School Certificate as a private candidate, y me gusta esta lengua! (And I love that language!) :)

I am passionate about music, singing, Art, writing, books, reading, acquiring knowledge, learning, dancing, voice-acting, sharing, French, Spanish, dogs, animals, life, laughing, human relationships, human rights, beauty of nature, blessings of the Mother Earth, inspiring people, self-giving, peace, peace-giving, love, love-giving…and so much more. I am passionate about the word “passion” itself, which comes from the Latin verb: patere meaning to suffer. I wonder how beautiful and at the same time, paradoxical it may be. Deep as I tend to be, I ought to talk about this one day with you - the link between passion and suffering and all the philosophies and ideas that go complement it. This is a promise of an enriching experience with you, dear VOY Community!

Why am I here, writing to you today? It’s not just living my passion for writing and expressing myself but I’m thankful for the opportunity given to me so that I can reach a larger audience, make my voice heard, inform a global youth community, speak for the Mauritian youth, talk about the alarming issues, problems and causes of so much sufferings, atrocities, injustice, by which I am driven and of course, to learn and know about what’s happening to the youth worldwide. I feel concerned about human rights, child’s plight and rights, women’s plight and rights, animal’s rights, youth unemployment, LGBTQIA’s rights, all types of violence, climate change, the need to protect our environment and save the planet Earth, the essence of healthy-eating, the importance of seeking and finding peace of mind and being ready to work towards living a well-balanced life…et cetera.

Let me share something exciting with you! :D
I am going to talk about it further in details in my next article and share my intense experience with you when I get back home! Tomorrow afternoon (well, this afternoon), I’m going on a kind of retreat, a gathering, for the whole week-end with the team LakazA (lakaz in Mauritian Creole means home), a group of social workers who dedicate their lives, energies and work for people who are in problematic situations - they help youngsters and children living and growing on the street, the homeless, people victims of drugs, sexually-transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, poverty, prostitution and so much more heart-breaking life struggles. They hold their hands along their path, give them support and hope, and help them to transform, better their lives and find the light again or for some, find the light for the first time. Actually, it’s my close, kind, admirable and self-giving friend, Dean Rungen, a very socially-engaged gentleman, who is at the heart or part of the big heart of this team, social hardwork and project. He urged, encouraged and invited me to fill an application in order to participate to the retreat and as he always says to me, “I wish you to get to know the school of life which I attended, this is going to be life-changing for you and it’s going to bring you so many gifts, life-long gifts and I’m so glad that you’re coming, I’ve been waiting for this for years. You are going to enjoy yourself, my darling!”
The whole session is called “Week-end Kado” (kado in Mauritian Creole comes from the French word cadeau which means gift) and we are going to talk about HIV/AIDS, preventions and so much more important topics, and we are going to spend quality time with children. And it’s all about gifts, giving, receiving, enjoying - gifts for life. I heard we are going to get disguised on Saturday night for a little party especially for the little ones I guess and we are going to sing and maybe dance and have a good time. Singing is my greatest passion and I’ll be glad to sing along with them sparkling little souls. I feel this is going to be a rich, once in a lifetime human experience and I intend to give everything I can give and take with care, mostly learn, everything that every beautiful soul there have to give and share. :)

It’s now 5:53 AM and sur ce, I’m leaving you here ‘cause I think I badly need sleep and I fear those disguised cruel and bloody monsters which are in reality, painful stomach burns and cramps, they might say hello again ‘cause I have somehow “misbehaved” (according to them) by staying up all night in order to write to you in the most sincere and natural way possible. Well…don’t take me wrong, I guess I’m feeling tired, I just hope you had a nice reading and that you will hopefully look forward to getting to know me and read me. I’ve started to read some of your articles, pretty interesting I must say, and I’m excited to soon comment on your articles, participate actively with you, share my energies with you and befriend you, fellow interns.

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Sending you all my good vibes and wishing you all the best. ♥
Keep up your great work! Keep shining.

Light, peace & love,


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