Is life basically blue, green and yellow?


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BLUE: The young soul sat on the beach; just some meters away from the crystal clear sea water. He could easily feel the warmth of the sand grains and admired the unique beauty the sun which was tucking itself elegantly into the majestic ocean.

An elderly person, who stood beside him and perhaps his grandfather, asked him: “What are you looking at my dear?”

“I’m not looking; I’m enjoying this beautiful world” he replied softly.

“Tell me about it!” asked the elder man surprisingly.

“The bizarre arabesques of the pale blue sky and the weakening rays of sunlight reveal much: To me, these last few rays represent my forlorn hopes that stand a chance of rekindling again and the arabesques most probably speak for my jumbled thoughts. I see optimism in them, not pessimism for they will be there again in the adieu- bidding sky tomorrow and the dusks to come” was the teenager’s answer.

“I’m amazed; what can you tell me about the sea then?” asked the man eagerly as he sat next to the young boy with some effort.

“Everybody knows about the importance of the ocean Grandpa, yet they pollute it. This magnanimous mother offers much more than we can expect – Food, Shelter, Clothing, leisure activities, it represents a flourishing business for many economies. The sea speaks. The ebb and flow of the refreshing waves make me dwell on past reminiscences; the sweetness shown by the sea each time it embraces the shoreline even if it has to step back every second gives a lesson: We should always give free hugs to those whom we love and cherish despite our different opinions. The ocean pours a blend of emotions- the old fisherman going all smiles on catching new prey, children enjoying the splashes, the mother watching her baby exhilarating on seeing o shoal of fish. Life is blue Grandpa!” replied lengthily the Grandson.


There goes the snail, making its way through the morass;

The baobab spreading its arms wide, refuge for birds;

Zillions of green leaves, feeding millions lives;

And there cries the emperor again:”Protect only one of me and I shall nurture the whole of your next generation.”

Exulting greenery being essential for life; life being essential for progress

Blessed species rejoicing; hail to me!

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