Is sex just a social union?

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Many a time, I have tried to survey and parry the questioning effect on sex and its constituents. I believe it is a redefined commitment entitled to both parties (man & woman) on a divine standard. The world we live in today defines sex as a 'social commitment', which is a taboo to fundamental notions displayed from old definition. From the old definition, sex occurs after a marriage right is fulfilled - which connects a man and a woman perfectly together. Today, sex, is now seen as an avenue to satisfy the common urge. *Some say we should have sex to satisfy ourselves and set our burdens at ease.* Others say when you feel the urge, find someone to have sex, and girlfriend should serve as a friend with benefits.

Notion: Sex is good and fun in the making, not to be confused with a "mutual engagement between a male and a female. There are so many medical attributes linked to sex - one dominant property I know of is a reduction in emotional pressure or tension, resulting from 'anxiety'. If we define sex on the basics of mutual engagement, then it is the right for everyone (Adolescents, teens, youth and adults), to have sex. We have a situation where a boy of 16, gets a girl pregnant at the expense of so-called love. And the girl demands for an abortion or decides to have the child due to having sex at the wrong time. Note: There's an increase in abortion, unwanted pregnancy and fundamental growth of boys and girls. Most people who see sex as a social commitment end up having a bad experience, because they capitalise on the lust of satisfaction, instead of seeking to understand the reason for IT.

In most homes where a man considers sex more than his wife, there's a high tendency for an upheaval of distrust to occur - which will massively dwindle their growth. Most youth who come from these homes have become the heir of most illegal acts displayed in the world. There's an increase in divorce rate and children from this background become prone to harsh circumstance etc. Youth who lack parental care and control end up doing irrational things, having unprotected and unwanted sex and perform other juvenile acts. I believe that if a minimum of 15% of youths are taught about pre-marital sex and its influences, sexual and health education, the change will begin.

My question is, how can we educate boys and girls in developing and under-developed countries on sex education? 80% of youths living in these areas, add to the progression of illegal sex and the un-demanded notion it dictates. Proposed Answer: I believe that changing the dialogue of sex is a great step. Educating Youths on: What is sex? Why is sex needed? What are the effects of sex on life? Who are the right persons to have sex with? What is the required age for sex? I recently thought about doing poetry on sex-education which will play a huge role in schools ( High school mostly, in rural and localised areas ). In localised areas where there's a gargantuan growth in sexual activity rates, only few schools teach sexual education and a handful of these schools practise it. At locations where there are no computers for learning, no adverts on sex-ed, no online orientation, and no seminars or outlets for diverse learning, an introduction to a reformed part of learning on sex education will help. If we have a preamble poetry on sex education, health and orientation in under-developed areas, then we can help shape most of the questioning we have.

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