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If you had the ability to choose the gender of your future child, what would you choose? A baby girl, or a baby boy?

In many countries, men are regarded stronger than women. Some say that women have to bow to men. I think this is silly. Who are the mothers of men? And how can women produce children?

Men and women. They are one. Strength and weaknesses lie between both of them. That's what makes our world in balance, just like the other elements in it. A great family comes from a man and a woman who love each other with RESPECT and TOLERANCE. If you're a man and you think that a woman should not handle anything, then you can ask your mom to swallow you back. Because believe it or not, you are not created. You came from your mother, who is a woman for sure. And your mother wouldn't have had you as a child if it wasn't for your father, who is a man.

To be born as who you are is a right, and that is worth fighting for. It is our job to live together as one, completing each other with our strength. This is the 21st century. I am a girl and I think I've had it all, because there has been this gender equality in my country, although in some parts of my country, they don't have it.

Maybe you haven't heard of Raden Ajeng Kartini. She was a woman, fighting for gender equality in our country when there was still a discrimination happened. Long ago, girls and women were not allowed to gain education. They were "locked" at home. They were not allowed to share even a thought. Their duty was only to take care their house. So she fought back, she was the first example for Indonesian women to realize that we are equal to men, and that we have the rights to grow. And there goes the Indonesians' Woman Rights.

Many people fight for an equal life, yet many still bond with traditional norms. This is time to open our minds and realize that the world needs balance. Men and women can work together. We need to respect our rights as others want us to do. Gender doesn't matter anymore.

So now, do you live in the 21st century, or are you still trapped in the past?

And what gender will you choose for your future child? I would say, "I most seriously do not care."

By Amanda Inez ( (Twitter: @mandainez)

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