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This is my last month in the VOY internship. I have had an amazing time for the past six months; I have met some pretty amazing friends and interacted intellectually with a few great minds from Africa and beyond. I have had strong critics in my posts, and had my stories read by so many people, I have pushed my mind to greater heights, interrogated concepts and beliefs, shared opinions and inspirations and most of all I have been able to discover some truth in my quest. I have experienced the power in writing!

Thank you VOY!

Starting my internship I was not sure I would make it to April, I was doubtful of my ability to write something meaningful every week. Especially since I had been running my own blog ( for about two years and was barely able to average a post a month. But guess what, I have been able to deliver as it was required of me. Since November 2013, I have averaged a post every week. A good at that (haha)!

I was a bit nervous in the beginning, as is the case with every inexperienced writer (I assume); especially when you finally get professionally engaged to share to a very wide audience. But once I saw my first post getting read and people commenting on it from all over, I relaxed. I got super excited. I got all this crazy ideas about what I will be writing about and what issues I would focus on, and how I would be able to finally share my thoughts on a variety of topics, key among them being development and Africa. It was crazy how amazed I was at the whole issue.

During this internship period, every time it would get to mid week and I had not figured out what I would write about, I would start to panic. I feared I would not be able to come up with a good enough post, meaning I won’t really portray seriousness or commitment to my task. But somehow, I always got struck with this really awesome idea, I would then develop it, mentally construct a few arguments before finally putting it on paper.

I have really improved on my writing since I started, for that I am grateful to VOY. I have been able to open up my mind to new possibilities, and for that I am grateful to VOY. I have grown as a person, especially intellectually, and for that I am really grateful to VOY. I look forwad to my remaining post and to the conclusion of my internship.

Asante VOY!

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