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About 1 in 300 kids and teenagers are diagnosed with cancer before they even turn 20 years old. With our population growing heavily childhood cancer kills more children than any other disease, even with our advanced research today. Many doctors and scientists are still trying to figure out the cure for this killer and what causes this to form in the human body. The best we can do to treat childhood cancer is by chemotherapy, surgery and/or radiation to remove the tumor, and also some may have to go through bone marrow transplant to try to at least have some hope of surviving. The length of childhood treatments can range from only 3 months to crucifying 2 and half years of suffering. Every 3 in 10 kids will lose their fight to get rid of the cancer.

For those kids you have survived their memory will may not be as joyful as the others, and that is why we are here to change that. Just One Smile is here to bring attention to people who are willing to help a child and a family who are going through some hard times to achieve complete and long term healing.

Come and take the walk with us step by step we will make cancer history. Nobody could fight this disease alone and that is why Just One Smile is here to change a child's life with one smile at a time. Please sign up and help a child heal its past.

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