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What is Global Voice for Change?

Global Voice for Change is a pilot project with young people in four West African countries (Burkina Faso, Liberia, Senegal and Sierra Leone) and two European countries (Norway and Belgium). The project started in February 2014 and explores:

1. How to connect young people across countries that live in rural and urban environments.

2. The use of different forms of communications (meetings, telephone, Skype calls, email, WhatsApp and Facebook).

3. How to communicate across multiple languages – English and French.

4. How young people can lead the project design and implementation.

What is the Youth Steering Committee?

A Youth Steering Committee (YSC) was established to take decisions on the project design and to coordinate its implementation. It is made up of eight young people, two young people from each of the four African countries of the pilot, who were selected by their peers to attend the Day of the African Child Celebrations in June 2014 at the African Union. They are young people Plan International is working with and are a part of:

1. Children’s Parliaments

2. Student Unions

3. Youth Advocacy groups

4. Youth Media Groups

5. School based clubs.

What has been achieved to date?

Plan International spoke to young people we work with in four countries to explore how they are communicating with each other and what they would like to do if they were able to connect with young people in other countries. The poster above explains what they said.

The YSC then designed a process for working with young people across multiple countries and agreed on the next steps. This poster and diagram explains what they decided.

The designed process was then tested across Sierra Leone and Liberia during the response to the Ebola outbreak. This actually connected more young people than originally planned. See blogs and video on the GVC feature page.

The YSC have also been sharing information and learning from themselves and other young people and youth groups, including working children, in their countries as well as Norway and Belgium.

What is next?

At the end of March the Youth Steering Committee and other partners will come together for a meeting and training in Dakar, Senegal to:

1. Capture the learning from the project to date.

2. Be trained on the Youth Advocacy Toolkit and design a joint advocacy initiative on education.

3. Explore how more young people can join Global Voice for Change project and the Youth Steering Committee.

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