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The definition for HIV is human immune deficiency virus and AIDS is acquired immune deficiency syndrome. The difference between the two is that HIV is a virus while AIDS is a condition. A person can be infected with HIV by having unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person. Circumcision may also be a risk if they use the same blade that has been used by an infected person with HIV. HIV/AIDS REDUCES ones energy and weakens the immune system of the body and hence the ability to fight diseases is poor.

To reduce the spread of the diseases, we as youth, should talk to the community on how to be faithful to one sexual partner, using condoms each time we have sex and preach to other peers on abstinence, encourage fellow youth not to stigmatise and encourage them to adhere to treatment. As a youth I would like to see more sensitizing materials published and more educative information on radio and television.

To end, I would also like to encourage other youth to venture in productive things other than sex in order for us to prevent this killer disease.

Written by Isaac Chirwa a grade 12 pupil at Luanshya boys secondary school.

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