Let there be ICTs for all

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Photo Courtesy: UNICEF

Photo Courtesy: UNICEF

What impact do social networking sites like Facebook have on our lives? Some might say there are more advantages compared to disadvantages.

However, as it changes our lives, it is more social and personal and does not add much impact on our development. Instead we should focus on platforms like Voices of Youth and Connect where real issues are discussed that affect each and every individual. Solutions can be arrived at and young people get to experience the real issues in the world right now.

Voices of Youth should be the new Facebook. A worldwide platform for youths that should be encouraged in every Bangalore, City, Village and the world at large.

There is a need for government and stakeholders to provide the necessary equipment like computers, internet, dongles available to youths. Hubs or Telecentres can be set up where the Youth can have access to ICTs so that they can make meaningful suggestions, learn more about what's happening in other countries. Then will African youths not lag behind in the digital divide, they will compete favourably on an equal basis.

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