Lethal Litter


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It is on the sides of America's driveway curbs. It is on the shores of Malaysia's once most beautiful beaches. It is on the soft bed of grass in the park. It is on your grandfather's doorstep. Litter is everywhere and has become a common and dysfunctional, disgusting, lazy habit of society.

Why do people litter? Simple, because they just could not care. People would throw cans, bottles and God knows what else, out the windows of their car and from the palm of their hands onto highways and public areas and rivers, thinking that littering is the solution to discarding their rubbish. Wake up people! Littering is not the solution, it IS THE PROBLEM.

Most litter would be washed up into drains which will then lead to bigger drains and streams and finally, the ocean. Litter that goes down those drains will contaminate public waters and create significant environmental problems. Besides just polluting the waters and endangering all lives of nature, litter is also a visual pollution. The unsightly scene of a litter-infested dumping spot is everything but a pretty view.

The mentality people have that others will clean up after their mess, will not stop them from littering. Governments from most countries spend billions and millions in dollars and resources to clean up after society's trash. That amount of money could be used for other environmentally beneficial acts like the plantation of more trees or on research to overcome the crisis of depleting oil.

The only sensible way to prevent the act of littering is to stop the litterers. The best person to start with is our individual self. Each and everyone of us, had had littered once in our lives and perhaps, sadly, still do. We can start by disposing garbage at garbage-disposable sites, and by cleaning up after ourselves so others do not have to. We can banish this act of anomie by being the change we want to see in the world.

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