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Change is a matter of choice and it should be desired. You cannot make someone change unless they have the desire to.

People must be reminded that even with the highest education that if there is no good behavior applied they are more likely to fail.

HIV/AIDS is not a new song to youth, it has been sung for the past few years but it seems to be falling onto the ears of the deaf.

The only problem is that youth are putting a blind eye to this epidemic.

Almost every day someone is infected and it’s really hurting as more people are among the youth.

The youth are Botswana‘s next leaders hence they are precious, they are assets to our country but we still rapidly losing them to the virus.

The new HIV/AIDS Youth intervention campaign is not targeting any new infections by 2016, but can we really make it?

We can only beat this disease by having self discipline. Discipline is the self rod that keeps someone in the road.

The education patterning HIV/AIDS issues are there and facilities catering for youth health services are now implemented but we are still have a high number of HIV positive people and a low number of HIV testing.

We cannot blame the government for failing us on this one, we the youth need to do something to stop the spread of HIV.

The Government has done it all from education, free ARVS, and we the Youth need to be empowered to do something to change.

The youth seem to be comfortable with this HIV/AIDS pandemic and as such no matter how much the Government tries, it cannot change anyone if they are comfortable with the way things are.

How privileged are the youth as they get to benefit through the month of youth against HIV/AIDS(MYAA) but they do not use those opportunities given to them by the government.

Drugs and Alcohol abuse is very high among the youth especially the tertiary and employed youth as they can easily access money.

Drugs are among other things that makes others get involved in unprotected sex without even knowing the partner's HIV status.

Remember everyone you introduce into your life leaves a deposit in your life, but be sure they do not deposit the deadly virus into your body.

Good health should be made an investment in everyone‘s life.

Good company can help in the fight against HIV zero infections in the sense that a good behaved person can be able to mold a morally sick person to change but only if they are willing.

The bible also read thus; whoever walks with the wise will become wiser but whoever walks within the companion of fools will become a fool Proverb 13: 20.

Multiple con-current partnerships are also among factors that contribute to an increase in the spread of HIV.

With great education implemented by the Government and sensitization campaigns as a quest to fight against HIV/AIDS if indeed this education was falling into positive thinking minds they wouldn’t be any new infections by now.

Are we that ignorant? Because if the youth could see the efforts made by the Government and put some effort in too to try and change their perspective over the disease, stop feeling comfortable with it, that will increase the hands of fighting the disease.

It’s a long way for the fight of zero new infections by 2016 but it can only be made shorter if the youth strive for the change.

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