Let's Give Our Ears for Them

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To me, it is really a shame that we cannot ask to be born as who we want to be. When we were born, the choices we had were only to live or to give up. Some are lucky to be born and then raised with a good education in a good home. But others are not so lucky.

I can see everyone fighting so hard to survive, until we forget to think about others who really need our hands. The children who live far away, far beyond our point of view. They linger in a hidden and forgotten place, that it seems like we are too far to hear their voices. We often forget them, just like we often forget that the world has so many people shouting for our help.

It slices my heart to see how those girls live each day to get by. Somewhere inside my heart, I am ashamed. I feel bad for myself, for forgetting them and folding my hands like I never cared. Those girls, who are not as lucky as we are, need our help. They never chose to live they way they do now, but we have the choice to help them. They need us to hear. This is what makes us human, because we care each other more than animals do for their kind.

To me, the basic thing to provide them is education and nutrition. I know that some organizations are trying to help them with this, but if we can help, wouldn't it be much better? Imagine if we were those girls who tried so hard to shout, but never be heard.

Open your ears and heart, my friends, and listen. You may have been too busy with your life, until you forget that this life consists of countless people. Listen well. There are so many things we can give and it does not have to be money. You have options to help or to walk away. Deep in my heart, I really wish we all help them and give them a chance to be heard.

This is what I do to help them. What will you do?

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