Liberalism in conservative countries: the two sides of the argument

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It's been a while, I didn't post a new essay for some personal reasons but they're over now and that gives me to chance to write about a very sensitive issue.

As I believe, every one is free to live his life as he wants. We were born free and no body has the right to take this freedom away from us, no body! Of course, we're free to do what ever we want unless we hurt people by our actions, and as they say: " Your personal freedom stops right here where freedom of others begins ". This idea and this principal of personal freedom changes from country to another country, and we can't apply the same ideology in every society because there are many circumstances that change and each society has its own history and traditions.

Liberalism as it's known means that you're free to do what ever you want, to believe in any God you want, to say what ever you like as long as you follow the rules and the constitution and don't violate the law. It's a new ideology that has been for a long time a difficult issue for conservative countries and has been also a very hard choice because it's against all the traditions of those conservative countries.

The conservative society, as a blogging intern here has explained to me, is a society where people do what ever they want even if it's against their religion and their traditions but they don't talk about it as they didn't do it at all, and that's what I like to call hypocrisy. As I think, the conservative society is a society that has many issues with the modern life, with freedom of expression and action, with individual liberties.. People in such a society want you to follow them without asking questions, without being curious and without telling your opinion about sensitive problems like: sex, relationships, prostitution and love.

There are two sides which speak about Liberalism in conservative countries: One side is for it and the other side is against.

We'll begin with the first side: There are many people who think liberalism is a good thing, and that in the future, every person will care only about him self, no person will judge another person, people will be open-minded and they'll accept other religions and they will be more tolerant with the new ideas and ideologies. People who are for liberalism believe that all the traditions will disappear eventually, and all the discussion about the most sensitive topics will be allowed and encouraged.

They suppose that, in the coming years, it will be okay for a girl to wear any thing she wants without being judged by her family and her friends; also, it will be okay to have a relationship and to date someone, and the topic of sex will be a very usual thing and the sexual education will be an obligation.. Of course, sex in conservative countries is a taboo and when people begin to speak about this taboo without feeling guilty, we can say the society is about to change.

People who belong to this first side have their reasons to think that liberalism is good; they believe that we're responsible and can make our own decisions, they often say that every single man and woman are old enough to take control of their lives and that no body has the right to oblige you to do something you don't want to do, those who believe in God say he created us as free men and women and that no one but God can punish us for our sins and the bad things we did; those who don't believe in God say that every one should look only after him self, and that in this life no one will be punished for other's mistakes.

Eventually, they agree on something, they believe the priority today is to build our countries and to invent good things and be creative and helpful, they suppose the thing that matter the most today isn't if you're pious or no, if you believe in Allah or Jesus, but if you do your work as you should and if you work hard for your country or you don't.

The second side has a different perspective toward liberalism. Some people consider this ideology as a rejection of God's commands and good traditions, they have this feeling that the new life or the modern life isn't a good one, it's just a life where people have a free pass to have a non-restricted sex and to use drug and to drink alcohol, they can't imagine a society without traditions, a society that accepts every perspective and every idea even if it's against religion; they consider their traditions as a wealth and a treasure which they should abandon.

They have their reasons of course, they see in this new global world a place full of bad ethics and bad people, they think all the problems we have right now is a kind of a divine punishment because we let God down, they have this point of view that if we get back our principals we'll succeed, they interfere in other's life because they believe it's their duty to make things right, they say they can't see a woman at the beach without trying to tell that it's a sin, they tell us if we don't make things right, our society will turn into a bad one and people will no more respect each other and the girl will lose her virginity at an early age and marriage will no longer be a purest and a scared bond between man and woman.

They have this idea that liberalism is a call for prostitution and all the bad stuff. At the end, we must admit, they have a certain point of view and some very convincing reasons!

Well, what do I think? I think it's a very good debate here, I guess the issue with the conservative societies is that people aren't ready yet to accept different points of view and they think there is only one truth, one correct answer and ideology. That might be right when we speak about some science rules and facts but it's totally wrong when we speak about the future of a society. Since I live in a very conservative country, I believe liberalism won't be a fact and won't exist unless we succeed in making people understand that time has changed.

What do you think about liberalism? Please, feel free to share your opinions.

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