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About me: I am a college student, living in Hawaii. I like to keep up to date on current events, and stay knowledgeable about what is being done to remedy different issues, but most of all, I enjoy reading about solutions to which are feasible for me to contribute! I have previously considered joining the Peace Corps for a year, however, as a student working towards a career in Television Broadcast, my life is currently preoccupied with school, work and internships. There are still ways which even I can make a difference even with out directly interacting with anyone or traveling to another part of the world! Here are some ideas which might appeal to people with many different interests!

For crafty people: visit and knit hats for chemotherapy patients or visit and create greeting cards to send to troops overseas.

For people who love to work with children: visit to mentor or tutor low income high school students or for a list of local programs for which one can show kids how to garden or cook healthy foods!

For those who are tech savvy: visit a local community center to teach seniors how to navigate the web, or visit to design a social-media strategy for a needy non-profit organization!

For athletes: coach a team at the local YMCA or volunteer at the ASPCA and take the pups at the shelter on a run!

For outdoorsy folks: help build or maintain hiking trails- find more info at or participate in a beach cleanup-

For culinary enthusiasts: help pack meals for hungry children- info at or distribute food at a food pantry- visit

These ideas are ideal for my lifestyle because I have the liberty to chose when I am able to take time out of my schedule to make a contribution! "Studies show that people who volunteer live longer, are more focused, and are overall more content from day to day." -Self Magazine The most wonderful part about volunteering is that not only do we help others but we are also doing ourselves a favor! It's a win-win! :)

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