Making Peace

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“The road is blocked. You cannot go any further, please come through the other way,” a 7-year old child declared solemnly. “But I have to drop off my daughter. She is going to be late for her office. Please let us pass!” my father requested. “No, Sir!” this time another child spoke, and sounded like they were coming-of-age. “Can you please look at my card?” my father handed out his service card. “Hmm…”, the first child began to check. After he was satisfied, he handed it over to the second child. Both then whispered something with each other and then finally started moving the barricading bushes. “OK, Sir you can go. These barricades and security are all for your safety. We didn’t intend to annoy you. Keep cooperating.” “Thank you”, my father smiled. Both saluted and let us go.

“What a mockery….these children shouldn’t have been imitating the security episode. But unfortunately our country’s situation has matured them beyond age," father remarked while waiting for the signal to turn green. He was saying other things too but I wasn’t listening. I was lost, lost in my own deliberations.

Have we ever thought how essential the peace is for the people of a country? Have we ever realized how precious the treasures of national identity and independence actually are? Have we imagined how the dreams of scores of children like us are marred by the fight for identity and sovereignty from the physical and mental traumas inflicted upon them? The answer is that we have never BOTHERED. And we are not bothering even now when the monster of terrorism has reached our homes and began afflicting our children.

The dilemma is that we, even on an individual level, have forgotten the message of patience, forgiveness, tolerance, love, affection, brotherhood, unity and harmony, and above all personal analysis. We look at each other but never care to look into our own hearts. We think of revenge but never care for it as to what would be our own implications. We don’t wish to be harmonized rather, but rather we desire to discover the world on our own. We remain in the pursuit of beating each other but never care how behind we have left, the human ideals and pure emotions.

The reality is we have lost contact with our own human qualities. We look at the things from our eyes but we never delve into them with our soul. We value human beings but we do not love them. We follow but don’t make the first move. Our heart is corrupted and our thoughts are degraded. We want to be ahead of time no matter what the cost. We wait for others to reform ourselves but never think about doing it on our own. In other words, we never make the most of what has been bestowed upon us.

Think for a moment, has it been too late to mend? The answer is: NO. Like every dark cloud has a silver lining behind it, we can still make it only if we make the best and the fullest of our abilities for preservation of peace in the country as there would be nothing left behind if the doves of peace migrate from our lives to the lands unknown, for never really coming back. Let love, tolerance, forgiveness and patience lead the way. Let’s bury the hatred, let’s forget all about retaliation, let’s all realize that life lies in letting others live and peace is where the life lies. Let’s be united, let’s forget all the differences, and let’s be ONE, an indivisible whole as together we can and together we must make our Pakistan a better place for the posterity, to live in. Let’s promise, let’s pledge!

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