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I was watching BBC World News on an unusually hot afternoon in Zambia looking for entertainment to pass my time. What I heard greatly shocked me, this courageous 16 year old's efforts are admirable to say the least.

I am a 17 year old girl and as I listened to the UN Secretary General- Ban Ki Moon, I could not help but reflect on my life and what impact it has had on others. My findings were disappointing I am fortunate to have been born into a family where education was and still is the number one priority even in times of serious financial constraints.

That said I hope youths all over the world will rise up and begin to see life through the eyes of the girl living in a compound with no idea where her next meal will come from and take a stand. In as much as we are called "leaders of tomorrow" our work starts today, 57 million children are estimated by the UN to be out of school. This figure, albeit staggering, should not deter us but rather pose a challenge to every person to take notice there is no effort that is too small we can turn the tide!

Malala, your life and your heart have inspired me to face my own seemingly insurmountable fears. You are an inspiration to millions!

My youth pastor uses this slogan as a form of inspiration "I am a youth of impact, a world changer, a history maker. Watch out for me!"


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