Mental Health and It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

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What is mental health to you? What comes to mind when you hear mental health?

Mental health is a very complex and often ignored topic amongst youth. The reality is young people also suffer from mental health issues. It's often put aside because the most common issue of mental health among teens and young adults is depression.

Now, depression is a much bigger problem than it's said to be. Depression can lead to many things. Depression can be caused by a series of things, like the level of lithium in your body could be low, or you could have lost a loved one. Depression can be caused by a lot of things and that's what makes it so common.

Many times depression can be seen as a "phase" and it will "go away quickly" . But it's not that easy. I think that today's youth is more prone to depression because we have so much more pressure than past generations. Social status,academics, sports, AP classes, bullying, peer pressure, family, friends, ect. I think that people don't actually really understand the magnitude of how bad and crappy you feel when you have depression.It was believed that teens and kids couldn't have depression , but it has been proved that even toddlers can have depression. Depression can lead to suicide , bulimia, anorexia, cutting your self and others. It's a very huge topic, that often ends tragically and that's why it should receive more attention. Many times the signs are ignored and not known.

Many times teens hide their depression, because they are scared. Scared of what people will say, scared of how their families will react. I think that teens should be informed that depression is not a phase, it's a true condition that many teens have. There has been a taboo in depression, "nobody will understand" ,have you ever thought that? Many teens have that thought and that's why they hide, they mask their sadness behind a fake smile. And before you know it they will be gone. We can't lose anymore young people to depression. It's more common than you think, there are jokes made about it. The reality if it's is saddening, we all have to send out a message that a singer once said in a song "It's okay not to be okay". We need to let everyone know that it really IS okay not to be okay, because many people feel like that and they are not alone.

I read a book called "It's Kind Of A Funny Story" by Ned Vizzini. This book is about a boy who has clinical depression and due to it was about to commit suicide. His depression was caused by many things that teens experience today peer pressure, school, family etc. He later checks him self into a mental ward but has to be with the adults, because the teenage ward is being remodeled. He there meets a variety of people, with different mental issues and illnesses. This book does talk about some mature subjects, but they are all subjects and situations that today's youth faces. This book shows depression from a true teenage point of view. It also shows first hand how some people with different conditions communicate and feel. Over all I think it's a great book, it talks about mental health and it's effects on people and the people around the affected. Some people think that if you're admired to a mental ward you're crazy. It's really not like that. The book opens your mind to see mental illness another way. It has also been made into a film but personally the book is always better. This book really shows the raw and crude reality of depression among teens and how common if is.

I think that depression is known, but the true reality and magnitude is not known. I think that at least one person reading this article has gone through depression. Over coming depression is not easy. That's what I think is a major thing now, letting youth know that it's true it's real and that someone will be there for you. Depression isn't easy, but if we all pitch in to help, we can all help teens around the world know that there is someone.

If you are going through depression YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There isn't anything wrong with you either it's normal to have depression, talk to a friend, teacher, family member, there will be someone to listen.

Let's form a support network for everyone that needs someone, let's lend a hand and cope with depression.

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