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Found on Pintrest

Found on Pintrest

Metanoia: (n.) the journey of changing one’s mind, self or way of life.

Here the journey of my life started; a voice that gave me a voice for that I was voiceless. Here, I met a family that supported me through every step I took and through every word I wrote. Here, I learned that beyond my own borders there is a space where we all can be together without limits. A space; where we share dreams and ideals regardless of our differences.

Here, I shared my dreams and nightmares with the world without feeling judged. A family that cared for me when I felt like the world was swallowing me whole. Here, I learned that nobody stands alone when we all stand together. Some of you taught me that being different is what makes us all special and some others showed that “beautiful” is what I make of myself. Through, your words I am a better person and through your young and free spirits I learned that nothing is impossible. Your words changed my life and hopefully, my words changed yours.

After reading a blog on Voices of Youth about how it is important to just do what you are meant to do without stepping, these words made me make a decision - that 2018 will be my year! That I will do everything in my power to be me on my own terms.

Hence, during the year of 2018, I experienced a lot of good things. I went out to the world and started building a place for myself. I started a new job at a Think-Tank that focuses on creating policy recommendations based on research. I have been working on research dedicated to finding good practices that would help integrate young people into societal, political and economic sphere in order to prevent them from joining radical groups. The result of this research will be presented to my country’s government and local stakeholders. I was also more engaged with Climate Change mitigation efforts through field activities; I have been part of workshops that consisted of young activists, experts and journalists. During these working groups, we worked on creating a list of recommendations that were represented to the Tunisian official delegation to the COP24.

This year, I made new friends. Some of them through the internet and others in the course of my work and activism activities. I joined an online book-club where we shared our love to books (especially Harry Potter). I had learned how to garden new plants and I experimented new environmentally-friendly practices. I did not use internet that much and avoided using my phone for too long when I am out with friends or at any other gatherings. I made more face-to-face conversations. I listened to new good music and started learning a new language (Turkish).

This year, I was not that active with Voice of Youth (my bad) but, I still read a lot of blogs, that inspired me through the course of this year. Maybe, it is the only thing that I regret not doing it so often, for I am now growing older and I won’t be eligible to blog with community for the next few years. I am grateful to Voices of Youth, for who I am today and for the person I have become. Thanks to the family of Voices of Youth, I learned through the last 5 years that I am capable to be the change this world needs. I would like to thank Kate, Mischa, Kristen, Natalie and the whole Voices of Youth team for their support and their endless encouragement. Thank you for being “YOU” and thank you for your kind words and limitless love.

This beautiful community has changed my life forever, and hopefully I had changed yours even for one bit. Keep sharing your ideas and dreams! Keep spreading love and kindness! Keep being the force of change this world needs. Never listen to those who say that young people are not mature enough to lead or to bring about change! Do not give up who you are because of the bullies! Do not listen to those who tell you that you are not worth it! Never forget to help and to give! Compassion and love are your weapons in the face of hatred and bigotry. Spread kindness wherever you go and keep in mind leading by example is the key to every problem. Hence, do not forget to live your life without regrets and to never seek perfection but rather work on accepting your flaws and embrace your errors for they are what make you, “YOU”.

And, for the new year I would like to wish you all happiness, peace and love. Ah! and do not make 2019 your year but rather make every year, your year!

This might be my last blog (or not), however, I will always follow you my dear family! Again, I will always be grateful for you all, you are my HEROES!

Love you!

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