Mexican Drug Cartels Use Young Boy Assassins

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As I was paging through my latest edition of The Week, one excerpt in particular made an impact on me. This past December, 15 year old Edgar Jimenez was arrested and sentenced to trial for working as a hit man for a Mexican Drug Cartel. In court, Edgar admitted to killing four men, and proclaimed that his criminal career had started with drug dealing, when he was only 11 years of age. His punishment is to serve three years in prison, as he was convicted of murder and kidnapping.

"I participated in four executions, but I did it drugged and under threat that if I didn't, they would kill me," the boy said calmly when he was handed over to the federal prosecutor Friday morning, showing no remorse. The boy's sister said they were headed for Tijuana, where they planned to cross the border and seek refuge with their stepmother in San Diego.

Wearing a simple T-shirt and Cargo Pants, I felt as though this young boy should have been sitting in a middle school classroom some where, instead, he was surrounded by three armed Mexican Soldiers in camouflage, ski masks, and fully armed with machine guns. It seems to me that this boy is already being punished, to throw him in a jail cell is inhumane. I believe what he really needs is a safe and sure route to San Diego, so that he can instead be sentenced to the childhood life he deserves to live.

Unfortunately, he is one of many cases of young children kidnapped by Mexican drug cartels. The state of Morelos has had 35 juvenile prosecutions in the past six months. These young individuals are targeted as victims because they are so young and will face little punishment. Visit to find out how you can contribute to providing relief efforts to victims of the Mexican Drug Wars. MATT is a non-profit organization which stands for Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together.

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