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First of all hello VOY I am happy to be writing again :D

Yesterday I was watching Bloomberg and a special edition documentary TV show. It was about a Nigerian banker. His name is Tony Elumelu, he is the chairman of a bank in Nigeria and he also spoke for the duration of the documentary about his vision for continent Africa. He is a Nigerian born and raised, he went abroad to complete his final years of schooling and now has returned home.

I lost interest after a point because the TV show just spoke about business statistics. However what captured my interest about this man was he has set up an organization offering young Africans the opportunity to engage with African economics.

Part of my heart leapt up and down with excitement after I had heard what efforts he is putting back into the community.

It got me thinking… In order to enable young ones to get to this point in their academic lives, what about the beginning?

Then towards the end of this TV show I was not entertained… I just pushed out a mental block!

I sat back and thought, what about the education of Nigeria and continent Africa as one big problem! I have to remind myself that continent Africa is far beyond one unity, separate countries with several of issues are at the foothold of the problems.

At this point I thought this is where I come in, about ten years’ time? I defiantly do want to shape education and its practice. Do I feel I have a duty to? Or is it a passion? I still have not quite worked out what I want to do! However if Tony Elumelu can begin change, why can’t I?

Watch this space? Hehe :)

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