Mother Earth Needs You.

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Every child on Mother Earth deserves to be happy,
Every child on Mother Earth deserves to grow,
Every child on Mother Earth deserves the right to education,
Every child on Mother Earth deserves the right to live in a home.
- Tosin Adekunle, What every child deserves...

In every generation, there are people who notice the compromisingly acceptable order of things, but still find notable faults within society, ranging from the oppression they see and hear of, to the injustice they witness on the streets, which range from the unnecessary wars we fight amongst ourselves as nations to the ravaging of our children by preventable diseases like malnutrition.
We live in a world where children starve to death, yet others suffer from the pains of obesity, to the extent that millions of international currency are used to dispose of wasted food products, and money is used to procure ammunition and fight wars to the point whereby nations run into national debt to the tune of trillions of dollars, and people lose their sources of income and livelihood. The youth become frustrated as a result of the unemployment that follows through, and increased crime rates, as well as suicidal rates, and the prevalence of clinical depression increases as well.

One question we should ask ourselves, for instance, is why do we spend or perhaps invest these social resources; that could have been socially used elsewhere, to solve the problem of malnutrition for instance, based on the socio-economic principles of demand and supply, on promoting war when we can all live at peace with each other?
It is not as if we fight to protect ourselves from a higher predator species on the biological pyramid, like the lower animals do, hence, they develop resistance; but we fight to protect ourselves from each other, yet we profess to be one in one, and coexist as one.
If we truly believe in peace, it would not be difficult for us to achieve it, and we would not in any case need to fight to even defend, or perhaps protect it but in essence, we do because we find it difficult to coexist as one, and this clearly begs the question.
Is it not easier to coexist as one, or perhaps even cheaper, as clearly using the aforementioned examples in context, there would be more resources for development, and we probably may not all be in debt, as there would clearly be more employment for our youth(s), and most especially, our children would not have to die from preventable diseases like malnutrition, to at least mention one among others?
History is filled with tales about people like us who have witnessed similar events yet chose to rise above the status quo, and bring positive change about for themselves, and future generations to come, of which we ourselves are benefactors.
We see these people as heroes and heroines and sometimes, find ourselves adoring the myths which surround them, clearly indicating to us that they are truly great, based on what they were passionate about, and were able to achieve.
The onus lies on us, as history beckons once again for change, and it is time we spread these messages of hope, mutual harmony and peace; the good we are taught at school, the good we learn from home, the church, mosque, shrine, temple, or wherever we congregate in the name of love and peace, thus yielding enlightenment for the benefit of all and in all, coexisting in unity, peace and love. One can never overemphasize the need for us to continually spread this message of love.
YOU and I can change the world for good.
World Peace!!!

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