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With the advent and reliance on nature's fluid (crude oil), our lives and environment have become plagued with all manner of pains- from oil spills, to gas flares to land grabs to deforestation to environmental degradation, from degradation to the loss of biodiversities from loss of biodiversities to starvation and death and weather / climate changes. All of this happens because we fail to play safe with that which nature has given to us (natural resources).

We cannot explain the secret things that flow beneath our drains that drains all our wealth and strength away by those who kill and battered our dear mother earth. With much of their drain pipes, draining mother earth of its natural milk, milking the earth crust of its natural fluid, leaving the earth bleeding with tears of fluid from beneath her bosom not withstanding, we refuse to give up. But we will continue to demand freedom for mother earth whose natural fluid is at the verge of being sapped dry by unreasonable multinational oil companies all across the world.

We say "No" to this impunity! We say "No" to the pressure placed on mother earth! We say no to the unruly and disgusting drainers. We will not negotiate, but we demand that our natural fluid (oil) be left in the soil and our tar sand in their holes. Only then can we stop the earth from bleeding, and only then can we sit and negotiate.

A harm to the environment spells doom for the people and the ecosystem. We demand justice, we demand freedom, we demand compensation for the pains and stresses that your drain pipes have caused us. We demand justice for the great lives that have been lost. We demand justice for the rich, yet degraded Niger Delta. We demand justice for the decapitated and degraded environment of the Ogoni land. We demand a safe and conducive environment for generations to come, and we will not give up. We will not stand out until the restitution. What we demand is delivered to us on a platter of gold, and until then the struggle for justice continues. From the Arctic to the Ogoni land in Niger Delta, we demand environmental justice for the ecocide committed against mother earth.

Long live the Niger Delta people, long live Ogoni land, long live the Arctic region,

... This is my dream, a better and safe environment for all.

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