Never give up

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It's not possible to live a life without challenges.

But, the never-give up spirit brings success. Besides, challenges of some sort are effective tools to excel inspite of all odds. Thomas Edison was partially deaf and and had only three months of formal education, yet he invented the incandescent bulb in 1880 and many other things. Franklin Roosevelt, was the President of America and did it from a wheel chair. Fanny Crosby produced a great hymn despite her blindness. Abraham Lincoln was recorded in history as one the greatest American presidents. But do you know he suffered 13 humiliating defeats in his political career before clinching the exalted position of president of the United States? Walt Disney, as a young cartoonist, was rejected by newspaper editors who said he had no talent, was encouraged by an invite to draw in a mouse infested shed in a church. While he went drawing he saw a mouse which inspired him to start the world famous "Mickey Mouse" Cartoon.

See Failure As A Means To An End, Don't Give Up, By Micheal A Adeniyi @praizeedamusic

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