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I’m sure you’ve all noticed our new updated look for the site and we hope you like it! In addition to our new look, we have a ton of new features and ways for you to get involved – both online and in your communities. Take a look below!

- New Post Interface: An easier way to publish blog posts, videos, photos and audio pieces about different topics.

- New Commenting Feature: allows you to vote comments up and down so the discussion is always on point.

- Debate Section: In Connect, you can check out the monthly debate topic, voice your opinion and debate issues with people from around the world.

- Citizens Poll: Take the Citizens Poll and see what other VOY users think of issues related to being a global, online citizen.

- Tools & Resources: In Connect, Citizens and Maps we have a ton of ways for you to take action in your communities and then report back about it on Voices of Youth.

- Inspire! presents inspiring young people who have a particularly interesting career or active commitment to a cause. Discover them through portraits featured in the new “Inspire!” section.
If you would like to suggest someone to be the subject of the portrait, let us know!

- Behind the Voices: is a new section that features active Voices of Youth online community members and their inspiring life stories from around the world. If you have something to say and would like to be featured, or suggest someone you know, let us know!

- Three exciting new projects: Citizens, Connect & Maps. Explore each section to see what the programs are all about and what participants to these projects are doing in various countries!

- In the Spotlight: In our program sections (Connect, Citizens & Maps) you can see updates from youth around the world who are making a difference in their communities. Get inspired!

We are continually improving the site for all of you. Keep coming back for more updates in the coming months.

In the meantime, we are looking forward to reading your posts on Voices of Youth – if you are not already, become an engaged community member!

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