Nigerian Girls Gone Missing (Bring Back Our Girls)


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I would first like to dedicate my condolences to all the girls in Nigeria who went missing. I don't even know where to start. I feel like what Boko Haram has done is very foolish. Who would have thought of taking over 200 girls from their homes and then selling them? Are they mad? I mean I am 11 and if I went missing my parents would be overcome in sorrow.

The more I think about the issue, I feel like the military in Nigeria and the President Goodluck Jonathan should be doing more to look for our girls (this is my opinion). I feel like if it was boys who went missing they would be on it like white on rice. I was recently watching the news network, CNN, and I heard that a mother and a father of a girl who went missing, began to sleep in the bush because there was no security in their village. To hear that coming from some parents who are already distraught and dreading the outcome of this nightmare is very disturbing. I just want Boko Haram to know that all the people who care for this situation want the girls to come back in good shape. I also recently watched a film called ''Hotel Rwanda'' with my mom and cousin. The whole story line is sad and the images are disgusting, but the film is really about the Hutus and the Tutees, and if you watched the film you would see that the story really isn't about peace, it's about people just killing people for foolishness. That's what's wrong with the world today we just want to fight and fight. How about we take a nice trip to the park and have a picnic and eat ice cream?

Going back to the Nigerian girls, Nigeria is getting lots of help from different countries, and I pray they are successful. President Barack Obama of the United States of America recently made this statement ''Every day when I wake up and I think about the young girls in Nigeria or children caught in conflict in Syria...there are times in which I want to reach out and save those kids.'' I am 11 years old writing this statement, and all I can do is write and protest for their freedom. I just cry when i think about these girls. All i want is for the Nigerian militants or Boko Haram TO BRING OUR GIRLS BACK!!!!!

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