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London Olympics have ended, but the spirit that it brought to the whole world is still alive. This morning I read an article about Joanna Rowsell, a cyclist from Great Britain who won a Gold medal. She chose to ascend the Olympic podium to receive her gold medal without her wig even though she is almost totally bald (she has suffered from alopecia for 13 years which made her having a hard time dealing with her life before). She looked very happy and proud of what she achieved. Joanna's simple choice of not wearing wig has a strong message to our society. "This is just me. If I can make a difference to young girls with the same issue then that’s a responsibility. If they can look at me and think it’s not the end of the world and they can still do what they want to do, that’s pretty amazing" she said.

This really inspires me and made me think that our weakness, our problems, or issues that we have to deal with in our life shouldn't be an excuse for us to not achieve what we want to achieve and to not reach our potential to be the best person we can be. I see the major problem that teenager have in life nowadays is that they are lack of self acceptance. Some of us teenager think we're fat, ugly, not excellent at school, not talented enough, not good enough, or we have a past in our family that hurt us so bad, or anything. Some may say they can't reach their dreams because of their past extremely burdens them. They simply believe because of their problems, God hates them or they're just don't deserve happiness.

But hey, i believe every single detail things that happened in our life has its own value. Each of them have their own lessons that your future life will thank. We are given the 100% authority to choose, whether we want to keep being depressed because of our hurtful past memories, or we want to pack our bags of past and throw them away in the ocean but still remember its lessons and go running to go closer to our destiny. And i have faith that our destiny is to be Somebody and doing Something out there. No matter how small or how big. You are bigger than your problem, and the only person that can prove that is only You. If Joanna can, i believe we all can too.

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